The HL Hall & Sons Holdings operates through six businesses: Halls (Fresh Produce), Halls Properties, Halls Investments, Halls Financial Services and Lightstone.


Halls is a leading vertically integrated grower-based marketer of sub tropical fresh produce. 
The highly focused farming, sourcing, packing, ripening, distribution and marketing operations span two continents with 10 operational locations providing multiple products to an extensive customer base.  With approxmately 1,200 hectares of irrigated avocado, litchi and pecan orchards under management in South Africa, ​Halls retains a firm foundation in farming.  As the first avocado producer to achieve ISO9000 quality accreditation, the business continues to strive for technical excellence across the business, supporting their various grower partners around the globe who pack under the Halls brand.
Halls’ marketing operations servicing Europe were established in 1985 with offices located today in ​the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. The development of operations into sophisticated packing and ripening facilities in Europe was a natural extension to support their marketing activities and move with the consumer trend for more ready-to-eat products. 

Primary products include avocado and mango (air and sea freight), sourced from both the businesses own farms and carefully selected grower partners.  The Halls product suite also includes lime, litchi, blueberry, easy peelers and other citrus products, thus giving customers a single source for a basket of exotics and popular fruits.

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Nector is a business focused on the application of technology to make the farming process more efficient, from field monitoring to the food supply chain itself. Leveraging the Halls group’s 130 years’ experience in fresh produce across the food value chain, we aim to invest in, partner with and develop innovative agritech solutions to deliver real value to the food industry. We have a global focus, with existing investments in Europe, and partners in Southern Africa, Asia and South America.

Nector is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which is recognised as a leader in efficient and sustainable agriculture, is the second-largest exporter of agricultural goods in the world, and has an exceptional ecosystem of technology innovation and talent. 

One of the businesses in Nector is offering micro-climate intelligence for the fresh produce supply chain, helping to improve profitability and reduce food waste. The company supports fresh produce growers in areas of irrigation management, frost forecasting, integrated pest management, and yield forecasting. By combining sensors, weather forecasts, satellite and drone images with advanced analytics, we can offer customers actionable insight into the impact of micro-climate on crop development, which is critical in the context of increasing supply chain complexity, water scarcity and climate change.

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Halls Properties focuses on developing land owned by the company in South Africa, Nelspruit area – converting what was once farmland into valuable real estate. The property development business has grown into a substantial business, having accomplished many successful development projects (shopping centres, office blocks, industrial projects, petrol stations and townhouse complexes). This business has changed the landscape in Nelspruit really significantly, having created a node of development north of the old CBD – which has since become the new centre of business.
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Halls Investments started in 2004 after strong financial performance of the property development business afforded HL Hall & Sons the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of businesses designed to diversify the company’s geographic and industry risk concentration. A substantial investment portfolio has been built since then, comprising businesses that rely on some form of intellectual property as their main asset.
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One of our first investments, a veterinary pharmaceutical business, was grown from a small South African operation into an international business with manufacturing based in Ireland and sales across Europe and USA. 

An investment in a human pharmaceutical business commercialised an indigenous South African botanical as a supplement in USA, Europe and across Asia, with exciting potential for further drug development.

On the technology front, our data switching platform is leading the industry in the secure electronic exchange of confidential data between financial service providers, thereby eliminating errors and fraud and reducing processing cost and times.

Through a co-investment vehicle with the Wessels family, we also invested in a life insurance company focused on the provision of life and disability policies for people suffering from chronic diseases, as well as in a company that develops and operates student accommodation across South Africa. Both these businesses are currently expanding operations into offshore markets.

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